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How does a gas water heating system work?

When working out whether to get a gas or an electric water heating system installed, it is vital to do lots of research to find out how both systems work. Gas is a popular fuel to use to heat water and knowing the basics about how a gas heating system works is important and can be done by doing some research. However, it is important to avoid doing DIY plumbing work in order to repair a problem with a gas water heating system and instead it is much better to hire a professional to do the necessary work.

Understanding how a gas system works is fairly easy and it is good for a homeowner to learn about their heating systems in order to make it easier to spot a potential problem. Emergency gas hot water systems in Perth and in other large cities all over the world can be found through specialist plumbing companies and this is great to take advantage of if a problem occurs with the existing system, so that it is still possible to use hot water while the problem gets repaired.

Gas-Fuelled Water Heating Systems

A gas-fuelled water heating system works slightly differently to an electric-fuelled unit but the primary difference is what it is fuelled with, as opposed to how it runs.

Below are some of the main features of a gas-powered water heating system:

  • They work with a thermostat that is usually made up of a copper tube that has a sensor made from mercury in the tip
  • A gas water heating unit will have a special sensor known as a thermocouple
  • This sensor senses whether or not the pilot light is lit
  • When the pilot light is not lit, the sensor will prevent gas from being released
  • When the pilot light is lit, gas will be allowed to flow to the burner through the valve
  • A flame will then be lit that will heat the water from the bottom of the tank
  • The cooler water will sink while the warmer water rises, making a natural circulation cycle

Anyone with an electric or a gas water heating system will know that a problem can occur at any time and that it is important to be able to contact a professional company to help in the event of an emergency. Emergency gas hot water offered by Plumbdog is an example of a company that can not only repair a problem with a heater but that can also provide a unit that can be used temporarily as a replacement for an interim period.

Top Tip: The temperature inside the tank is kept more uniform than many homeowners realise, as the heat rises through the central flue when it first goes through the tank and then the heat exits through a ventilation system. When the water in the tank gets to the desired temperature, the thermostat will instruct the gas control valve to shut off the flow of gas again.

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Common Mistakes When Building Your Own House

Building a house from scratch allows people to have complete control over how the finished property will look. People are more likely to stay in self-built homes for decades because everything has been designed to their exact specifications.

However, these projects should not be taken lightly. Building a house can potentially be stressful and time-consuming. Therefore, it is important to plan everything down to the smallest detail with the help of a building company in Perth. People need to accept that setbacks and mistakes are bound to happen when they are constructing their dream home.

Read this helpful guide about the most common mistakes that are made when people build their own houses.

Not Choosing A Reputable Firm

Hiring a reputable building firm like Pottier Homes (if you’re in Perth) is crucial to the overall success of the project. Shop around to compare prices and quality when choosing a building company in Perth. Avoid firms which are offering their services at bargain basement rates because this can be an indication that they do not take pride in their work.

Not Budgeting Properly

Budgeting sensibly is the most important thing to do when thinking about building a house from scratch. There is no point starting an expensive project and then finding out that the money runs out halfway through. This will cause a large amount of stress and it could potentially mean that the house is never completed.

If the budget is allocated properly, every part of the house will be completed without the project sliding into the red.

Choosing Material Which Is Too Expensive

Choosing the material for the house is the next important step. However, some people may get carried away and start to order materials which they know that they cannot afford. For example, it may look incredibly stylish to have chrome and marble in the kitchen, but can the budget really stretch to afford these expensive materials? Compromise may be necessary in order to buy all the materials for the new house.

Not Setting Out A Clear Payment Structure

Paying for building work up front could cause people to lose money if the project has to be stopped for any reason. Ideally, payment should be made in stages when firms reach different ‘milestones’ in their work. For example, the first payment could be made after the foundations for the house have been laid down successfully.

Design a payment structure which will benefit everyone involved. This reduces the potential for disagreements with the building company.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic expectations about the completion date of a project can cause people to panic. They could force the building firm to rush, which may potentially lead to mistakes being made. Allow builders to take their time so that they can do a quality job without any errors.

Changing Plans Constantly

Choose plans carefully and stick to them, because constantly altering designs could slow the project down and could cause people to spend thousands of extra dollars.

Use this guide to avoid common house-building mistakes.

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Home For The Family

Buying a home for the family is an important decision, and shouldn’t be rushed. Mum and Dad might see a property that they absolutely adore, but it may be wholly unsuitable for the children and any pets to live in. Living in an unsuitable home could have a negative impact on the children.

There are several ways to make sure that the house which is eventually chosen will be the right one for the entire family. Read this helpful guide in order to learn more.

Think About The Exercise Which Children Need

Exercise is incredibly important for a child’s physical, social and mental development. The right kind of house will give children ample opportunities to run around and play with their friends: this means that it is important to choose a house with a big garden and safe roads. RedInk Homes constructor in Perth builds houses with large gardens.

Consider The Changes That Children Will Go Through As They Grow Up

People with young children need to think carefully about the changes that will occur in the future. Whilst buying a one bedroom property with just a newborn baby to take care of won’t be a problem, what will happen as the child starts to grow and needs more space? Also, any additions to the family could suddenly turn the picturesque little home into a cramped and noisy house which is not suitable for the family as it grows. Find a builder in Perth that offers spacious houses.

If people are planning on having more than one child, it is a good idea to buy a property which will be able to accommodate several growing children at any one time. Whilst this may cause people to buy a property which they initially think is too big, they will be thankful for the extra space when more children are born.

Think About Storage Space

Families need a lot of things to make life easier. Whether it is Dad’s power tools or the family’s pushbikes, there need to be lots of storage space to put everything away. Choose houses which have large attics or spacious garages which can be used to store equipment when it is not in use. As the old saying goes, ‘a tidy house equals a tidy mind’.

Think About Location

The location is extremely important when buying a house. Mum and Dad need to be able to get to work easily, whilst the school run should be convenient enough for the parents to drive or for the kids to take public transport when they are old enough.

The house should be conveniently close to the supermarket so that the weekly food shop can be done as easily as possible.

Think About Resale Value

As the children grow up or new babies are born, it is important to choose a modern house which will retain its value and may even command a higher price in the future.

Hopefully, this guide will make buying a family home a lot easier.


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10 Must Do’s When Renovating Your Home

Most homeowners like to renovate their properties from time to time because it helps prevent life from feeling habitual. People like to update their home’s image as trends change along with their personal tastes, but renovations can be expensive and as a result, it’s best to get them right so that homeowners will be happy with their property’s new look for many years to come.

From utilising the services of a company like Allmetro Bins for responsible waste disposal to finding the best home additions, this article will detail 10 things homeowners ought to take into consideration when renovating their property.

Top Tips for Home Renovations

Home renovations are usually a very big task, and it can be difficult to know how to get started. These top tips will provide those who intend to renovate their property with advice on how to make the task as painless as possible.

  • Homeowners should consider their desired style carefully – Needless to say, home renovations are costly, so homeowners should make sure they’re happy with the style they’re aiming for.
  • It’s a good idea to look for practical home additions – Boosting a home’s image is important, but purchases such as awnings will also create extra living space.
  • Getting rid of waste – Disposing of rubbish might be difficult if there’s an abundance of it. Skip bin hire is an easier solution.
  • Finding the cheapest items that are still high quality – Second-hand doesn’t always mean bad quality, but it almost certainly means making a saving.
  • Professional assistance or DIY? – While DIY will help homeowners save money, a badly-done job might not stand the test of time and if repairs are needed, the total cost of the renovation could go through the roof.
  • The best time of year to renovate – Those planning to renovate their outdoors should probably aim to finish before the rain and cold weather comes.
  • One room or the whole house? – While homeowners may want to change every single room in their home, concentrating on one room at a time will help them stick to a strict budget.
  • Extending a home rather than moving to a new one – In certain situations, homeowners may feel they have no choice but to find a new home, but extensions might work out cheaper while providing them with the extra space they need.
  • Current styles that won’t go out of fashion – There are people who don’t really want to renovate but simply have no choice for one reason or another. Simple styles and glass balustrading are unlikely to become unfashionable anytime soon.
  • Making a home look unique – Many high street stores sell products that look very similar. Vintage shops often sell furnishings that can make a home look truly unique.

It’s important for all homeowners to remember that they have a duty to take care of the environment as best they can. Allmetro Bins are a company that will dispose of waste responsibly as well as alleviate homeowners of the need to go back and forth to the tip.

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Giving a New Life to Your Bathroom


A bathroom can certainly add more than the basic convenience of a home. With the right design, your bathroom will be able to give your home something different. The role of a bathroom has improved since the addition of bathroom vanities and sinks in their design. This can transform any bathroom into something that reflects one’s personality and design preferences.

– The first thing to take into consideration with any design is the space to work on. It is imperative to give you an idea of what would fit and what will not. This will eliminate the possibility of having a vanity that is too small or too big for your bathroom. The space in your bathroom is very important because you would need every inch possible to move around. If in case you have a small vanity then you have more space but the design might not look so nice. Having the right size for your bathroom is very important to be able to achieve the best out of your design.

– The material and color of the vanity can also be very important. A bathroom vanity made of wood can give your bathroom a classic traditional look while a marble vanity will give it elegance. Having good contrasting shades on the fixtures and handles will give it a more distinctive look inside your bathroom.

– The storage area for your towels and other items is very important. If you have plenty of items to hide and store then having a vanity with multiple shelves or drawers should be a concern. The type of fixtures you have on the sink will also add to the look of your vanity. This can either be very classic or modern design depending on the overall look of your bathroom.

– You can also add a few mirrors to your bathroom vanity set. This will be able to reflect the light inside your bathroom thereby creating a very good way to highlight the other bathroom accessories inside, like a white porcelain bathtub. You can also install small lighting fixtures on top of your vanity or mirror to add a more elegant and futuristic look to it.

– Bathroom vanities have not only become a necessity at home, but also in restaurants, hotels, public restrooms and many other places. If you are looking for a vanity for your business, get a small 24” bathroom cabinet made of durable materials like solid oak wood. These vanities can be used for variety of purpose like sanitizing, washing face, washing hands and others.

– A vanity with mirrors surely has a larger advantage, which helps you to comb your hair and groom yourself. Besides being extremely functional, a vanity set with a mirror looks very elegant and add life to your bathroom.

With every bathroom design today, bathroom vanities can play a vital role in improving functionality and giving beauty to a bathroom. This can give an old bathroom a new life when the proper bathroom vanity is added. If you are looking for a perfect vanity, just look out at a home improvement and bathroom vanities showroom, shops as well as various stores. It is true that adding bathroom vanities can give a complete new look to your bathroom.

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Recreational Vehicle Series for Tiny Homes with Green Terra Homes

 Recreational Vehicle Series for Tiny Homes with Green Terra Homes

Recreational vehicle (RV) is the most favourable type of homes which is offered by Green Terra Homes. RV style is a small prefab houses which has homey, simple, and fun impression. People, so far, are interested in having such a house that they can spend their time with the family all the day in the tiny homes. Green Terra Homes offers some designs of this kind of house so that the customers can choose which one the most wanted RV is. The customers can order the details of the design as they want. The products of the RV by Green Terra Homes, for sure, are certified to CSA Z240RV.

Recreational vehicle, as the name is mentioned, is capable for people to live in while they are travelling. This is the reason why RV is equipped with cooking equipment, beds (can be one or more than one), and sometimes a toilet. As it is a vehicle, it also consists of wheels. The number of the wheels of this kind of tiny homes is various; it depends on the types of RV. The standard type has 5 wheels coupler available.  However, Green Terra Homes offers some types of RVs based on special details and needs with the guarantee of the quality and convenience.

Green Terra Homes always offers the best products for the customers. The best thing of this company is that it uses lightweight steels for the frame of the house. It also works on building the RV. Green Terra Homes does not use wood for the RV products since wood is quite heavy. Moreover, it is not the safety standard of building an RV with wood because it is easy to burn. Lightweight steels are much better for the frame of the homes. It is because steels are heat proof rather than wood. In other words, your tiny homes are safe to live. Furthermore, the lightweight steels produced by Green Terra House are long last.

There are some options for you to choose your favourable designs of your RV. The designs, of course, are based on the size of the tiny homes. Green Terra Homes offers some sizes of loft area of the RV, such as 160 SQ FT + 74 SQ FT, 192 SQ FT + 68 SQ FT, 224 SQ FT + 46 SQ FT, 256 SQ FT + 64 SQ FT, and 288 SQ FT + 72 SQ FT. As additional information, each size loft area has different size of the steel frame, for example the loft area of 160 SQ FT + 74 SQ FT has the frame size of 8’ x 20’. The team of Green Terra Homes knows the best calculation and combination of each type.

Green Terra Homes also lets the customers to ask for the details of their own RV. As the customers, you can choose the RV types and ask the team from Green Terra Homes to add special details in your RV that you need. The optional details that you can add are live roof, solar panels, and 50AMP power which is supportive for propane heat, stove, water heater, and electric fridge. Isn’t it an RV with complete facilities?

So, if you decide to have your own RV as expected, and if you want tiny homes with tiny price, you can go to for further information, especially for designs and pricelist.

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When most people think of home security they are thinking about alarm systems, CCTV and motion detectors. These are all important tools that can be used for any homes security solution, however there is another more important home security component that you might not have really considered before. The doors to your home and garage are actually your first defence against intruders and the elements.

Here are some useful tips that can help you to make sure your home and garage doors are secure at all times:

  • Locks: even if the entry doors of your home and garage are secure, you should also have sturdy locks on garages, sheds and gates to further protect your home. By keeping intruders away from the entries to your home you are decreasing the chance that they will be able to enter your home. Unauthorised entry can of course happen whilst you are away or at home, so by making it a habit to keep doors locked you can reduce the risk of someone entering your home easily.

Not all locks are created equal however, so when you’re looking for the perfect lock you should consider:

  • Key control – keys can be protected against unauthorised duplication by utility patents.
  • Physical strength – how well will the lock withstand abuse such as kicking or jimmying? In addition to strong locks the strike needs to have some kind of reinforcement to the doorframe.
  • Durability – will the lock stand up to years of use without failing or becoming difficult to operate? Look at the lock rating to find it’s grade and that will determine its strength and life span.

  • Materials: by choosing doors and locks that are made of sturdy materials you are ensuring that they will be less likely to be broken or manipulated. Metal and solid wood are the best choices here, and doors that might have glass panels should also have double-keyed locks to prevent a thief from reaching through glass to unlock a door.

  • Deadbolts: entry doors can be further protected through the use of deadbolts, as well as locking doorknobs. Even doors leading from your garage or outbuilding should have double protection so that if someone wants to break into the garage area the rest of your home would be at a lesser risk.

A heavy-duty tubular deadbolt or mortise lock provides good protection on a front door as it can provide protection against picking, drilling and other forms of physical attack.

  • Windows: windows can be secured with either locking hardware that utilises a key for operation, or with removable pins so that an intruder cannot easily force the window open.

A quick checklist to ensure the security of your home and garage:

  • Are my locks all Grade 2 or better?
  • Do all of my doors have deadbolts that extend at least 1”?
  • Are all of the deadbolt strikes reinforced to the frame?
  • How many key duplicates do I have and who has them?
  • Do my keys have protection against unauthorised duplication?
  • Are my exterior doors all solid wood or wood filled with properly reinforced frames?
  • Is my property adequately lit?

The best way to ensure the safety and security of your home and garage would be by consulting professionals that are skilled in the appropriate areas. We spoke to a local locksmith training company (MPL) who told us “the security of your home is so important in the world of today. We are called out to numerous jobs each day where a lock has simply been snapped for example. Taking simple steps to prevent this are so important to every household and should be the number 1 priority.”

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Why do I want my sash windows draught-proofed?

Sash windows look stunning when you have them fitted, but the big downside to sash windows is the amount of heat that you lose through them, but draught-proofed sash windows can help to dramatically lower the amount of heat lost and also stop draughts from giving you chills.

Old Sash Windows

Older sash windows are problematic for their owners. Their age and the materials that they are made from mean that old sash windows can be subject to mould, rising damp, draughts, condensation and huge amounts of heat loss. There are several different solutions to each of these problems that the Original Box Sash Windows Company can provide you with.

Draught Proofing

If you have an existing sash window that you don’t want to completely replace, but you do want to get rid of the awful draughts, reduce noise and stop heat being lost, then our bespoke timber draught proofing could be just what you are looking for.

The bespoke timber mouldings are matched to the original frames so that they match with your door and the other window frames on your house. What this does is seal your sash windows so that draughts can’t filter through and invade your home.

Secondary Glazing

Once you’ve fixed the problem of draughts, the next thing that you might want to tackle are the issues of condensation and heat loss. Condensation can lead to mould and rising damp if it is particularly bad, but there is one solution that can fix these problems and that is secondary glazing.

There are some quick fix options such as one season window film that only need a hair dryer to apply. These films will reduce draughts and help to cut heat loss by a third, however you do have to make sure that it stays taunt when you are applying the films and when spring rolls around, you have to remove it again. This option doesn’t do anything to help with condensation, the film is prone to sagging, it can be easily damaged and you can’t open the windows until you’ve removed the film.

There are polyester sheets and acrylic sheets that are also available but really, the best option is to get proper secondary glazing fitted.

Getting secondary glazing fitted is much cheaper than replacing your sash windows and there is the added bonus that you can easily take the secondary panels out and store them during the warmer months when heat loss can be extremely beneficial.

Secondary glazing comes with several other benefits as well:

  • Reduction of noise by up to 70% or 80% compared to single glazing
  • Highly thermally efficient as they almost entirely eliminate heat loss
  • They are relatively inexpensive to have fitted
  • You don’t have to replace your original sash windows
  • Secondary glazing provides you with extra security as it is extremely difficult to open secondary glazing from the outside and it is much harder to break through two panes of glass instead of one.
  • Secondary glazing isn’t subject to building regulations so can be fitted on listed and protected buildings without securing extra permission.
  • Secondary is eco-friendly
  • Virtually eliminated condensation
  • Prevents draughts, ingress of pollen, dust and pollutants so that it generally improves the internal environment of your home.

Our draught-proofed sash windows

The third option that we offer comes in the form of replacing the original single glazed windows with our traditional timber sliding sash windows that are discreetly double glazed and draught-proofed.

We offer a wide range of flexible glazing options that are all double glazed. The advantages to double glazing in sash windows include:

  • Allowing you to reduce your heating costs
  • Reduction of noise
  • Draughts are minimised not only by the draught –proofing but by the glazing as well
  • Double glazing also has the added bonus of reducing ultra-violet damage
  • Increase the value of your property

It is rare for sash windows on a property to be the original sash windows that were first installed when the house was built. Mostly they are a mixture of fixtures that were fitted during the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. These tend to look at odds with the architecture of the buildings. This has led to a rise in popularity of replacing these hideous sash windows with carefully crafted bespoke timber sash windows.

We provide a range of different timber options that are tailored to match the original timber used in your property. When we fit one of our sash windows, we also use timber glazing bars to match the putty in the house construction. The internal mouldings that we fit are designed to match with the original mouldings that are already in your home, and the horns are designed to match the original horns.

Every sash window that we design and fit is guaranteed to look authentic and fit with the traditional look of the architecture of your home. The glazing that we provide is security glass that is double glazed and the opening windows all have locking keys so that you can make sure that your home is secure. We also offer a choice of a white frame or any of the Farrow & Ball colour range.

The Original Box Sash Window Company

If you are interested in draught-proofing your current sash windows without getting them replaced, having secondary glazing fitted or having your current sash windows replaced with some of our bespoke and traditional crafted sash windows, the either call us  on 01753 858 196 or email us at for a free quote. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer any questions you might have and provide you with more details about our range of products.

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Fairfield Window Cleaning Service

 Fairfield Window Cleaning Service

Why you need to keep the window clean? Because that what it is supposed to be. A clean window will give you a lot of advantages. It offers clean view to the beautiful sceneries outside there. It also allows natural lights to expose the interior side of the house and by that helping you to save energy as you don’t need to keep the lights on. Off course, don’t ever forget the visual impact. Clean windows will make your house more visually attractive with its tidy look and also the shining bright. Dirty windows will make your house looks dull and unattractive.

There are many factors causing dirty windows. It can be from dust buildup on the surface of the window, scratches from debris, splashed water, and many other things. When it is left uncleaned for quite long, it will be much harder to clean. It is good to have a shining clean windows but the cleaning work isn’t a favorite thing for any one. It takes time and lots of energy and not to mention you need to do the cleaning thoroughly otherwise it won’t give the right result as expected. In many cases, it is a better option to hire professional Fairfield window cleaning services other than doing the work yourself. Not because you don’t want to deal with the hassle but more because the scale of the works required to. The windows structure and location may not easy to reach and not to mention cleaning on the windows requires proper safety measure. Hiring a professional supported with proper gear will ensure better result with minimum risk of accident. So, now it’s time to find the right one to hire.

It seems like an easy thing to do when you are looking for CT Window Cleaners. You can easily find them on the local directory list including those serving Fairfield area. However, it may not wise to just pick any of them without getting to more about them. Don’t forget that hiring window cleaner will cost you money and you definitely want that spending offers the best value for your money. That’s why you need to only hire the best one and when it comes to the best window cleaners in Fairfield, it is highly recommended to contact American Painting & Window Cleaning. This is a certified and licensed contractor with one its specialty is window cleaning service. Since 1985, this contractor has been serving both residential and commercial customers in Fairfield county and New Haven county. It has top reputation for high quality services at the most competitive price.

This contractor has team of highly experienced window cleaners with extensive knowledge in what they do. Supported with complete equipment and advanced gear, they can handle cleaning work on any type of window at any location. Thorough cleaning works are including cleaning inside and outside surface of the window, cleaning the window screens, cleaning window tracks, and cleaning other things related to the windows. The cleaning work will be very effective and will deliver the best quality result. American Painting & Window Cleaning is also proud that all window cleaning works are bonded and insured for your highest satisfaction.

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Storage Solutions for Home and Business

Storage Solutions for Home and Business

Nowadays, there are plenty of occasions when you might need to store either household or business items for a period of time. Home downsizing is on the increase, as many empty nesters find they no longer need their large family home, and in many cases opt to release some equity and move into a property which requires less maintenance and is more suitable for their current needs.

And for those who need more space but don’t want to spend on moving or extending their property, temporary storage can offer an alternative short-term solution to storing large items in the garage such as quad-bikes, jet-skis, boats or similar.

Business also needs to be even more flexible nowadays, and whether downsizing or simply relocating or making use of temporary office space while a more permanent arrangement is sought – the ability to simply put items into storage rather than dispose of them or have them cluttering up a small office space can be invaluable until longer-term plans for office or business premises are finalized.

So what should you look for when choosing a storage service provider?

Here are some key things suggested by Gloucester removals experts to consider before deciding to put your unnecessary items into storage.

Security – expect a professional storage solutions provider to have up-to-the-minute security measures in place at their storage location. This should include CCTV, intruder alarm system monitored or connected to the local police, access control, and insurance to cover all eventualities as a minimum.

Storage premises – these should be well maintained and air-conditioned or dehumidified to ensure that stored items are maintained in excellent condition. You should also be able to inspect the area beforehand where your items will be stored.

Easy access – whether you prefer to collect your own items or have them delivered to your home or business premises. Make sure that access is available when you need it.

Storage advice – you’ll want to make sure that any items you put into storage are prepared adequately. Enquire as to the best method for packing, wrapping or preparing your items for storage. Reputable service providers will be only too happy to advise you regarding the best method of preparing your items for storage based on the type of item (furniture, soft goods, documents or tech items, etc.) and depending on the length of storage anticipated.

Partnering with the right storage company can help declutter your home or business premises, freeing up valuable space or making your home move or office move easier to deal with. Storage solutions provide a cost-effective method of dealing with today’s dynamic housing scenarios and business needs as well as a simple solution for those moving abroad or finding themselves in-between permanent homes.

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