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Month: June 2016

Wood Looking Tile vs Hardwood


This article was written by Bryan Sebring of Sebring Services. They provide basement, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling services in Naperville, Illinois.

Hardwood flooring is one of the biggest home flooring trends in recent years. It looks good, has a homely warmth and is quite durable. But it also has its downsides. For one, it could be easily damaged by water and other liquids, especially if they seep inside the wood. It is also susceptible to damage from termites. To keep it in good shape, regular maintenance is necessary.

If you want the wood-look in your home without the disadvantages of solid hardwood flooring, a great alternative is wood looking tile. You may be thinking that this is tile that almost resembles wood; the truth is that it completely resembles wood. Advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to give tiles the resemblance of other materials including wood. And it is not just about the look, even the texture itself feels like wood. If you were to be presented with a tile and wood floor side by side, chances are that you would not be able to see the difference immediately.

For homeowners who really want the look, style, and warmth of wooden flooring for their bathroom remodel, but do not want to deal with the hustles of actual wood, wood-resembling tile is a great choice. It costs less and is often easier to install. In the event of damage, you do not have to rip up a big portion of the flooring; you simply remove the affected tiles and replace them. Over time, even the maintenance cost of tiles is much lower than that of wood flooring.

Aside from personal preferences, there are certain situations that necessitate the use of faux wood tiles rather than actual solid wood. For instance, environments with extraordinarily high traffic and high levels of moisture might do better with wood-looking tile that will last longer and perform better under such conditions. In our article on faux wood tiles, we look at other situations where tile would be more preferable than hardwood.

One other thing people often do not consider when using hardwood flooring is the environmental impact. How can using faux wood tile flooring help boost environmental conservation?

Choosing wood-looking tile over real wood will not deprive you of a wide variety of options to choose from. Whatever color, pattern or style you are looking for, you are likely to get it. Essentially, they are as versatile as the wide range of hardwood flooring you can get. You get the beauty and variety of wood with all the benefits of tile. You can read the rest of this article at: Tile That Looks Like Wood vs Hardwood Flooring.

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White Kitchen Ideas to Make It Look Pristine and Classy

White is the best color in the world. Adding white in your home décor not only gives it a pristine look but also adds up to the appeal of your home.

When you are thinking of kitchen renovation or newly designing your kitchen area, think about adding white. If you are thinking that white will be bland then think again. It is one of the classiest shades that can make everything look like wonder. Remember that kitchen is an important area in a home. It is the place where you are going to spend quite a quality time of yours. So, when you are thinking of decorating and designing, you need to make the environment cheerful so that it can make your cooking process easier and fun.

  White Kitchen Ideas to Make It Look Pristine and Classy

So, when you are thinking about white kitchen décor, follow these tips. They are unique, creative and stylish.

The Perfect White

If you are thinking that there is only type of white then you are seriously mistaken. White can be different with the theme that you set for the kitchen. In fact choosing the furniture and accessories can make the difference from too clinical to a warm one.

The Perfect White

Splurge on Other Details

Making a white kitchen work can a troublesome work as there are so many things that you will need to take care of. One of them is surely kitchen cabinet. It is needless to say that you need to choose white kitchen cabinet. However, a little more detailing should be added with it. The design of the cabinet needs to speak a volume. The framework, the finish and the sheen of it need to match with the rest of the décor and moreover it should light up the details.

Game of Contrast

After your cabinets, another important part of your kitchen is the countertops and backsplash. This is the place where you need to add contrast in the kitchen décor. So, choose a contrasting countertop keeping white and the sheen of the kitchen furniture in mind. Your aim is to perk up the glamour of your kitchen. So, choose the materials and the colors that will do that in your white décor of kitchen.

Game of Contrast

Invest in Unexpected Flooring

White kitchen can be chic with the interesting flooring. Add dark wood, terra cotta, dark slates in the kitchen. When the wide space of flooring gives a stark contrast to your white kitchen, it can add spark in the décor of your kitchen. In fact you can accentuate the theme of the kitchen with the flooring.

Let there be Light

To make the white kitchen work like wonder there need to be lots of natural lights. White has the inherent quality in it for making the space look brighter and bigger. Bright natural lights can add to the brighter vibe of your kitchen. Make your kitchen look cleaner and warm by letting sun come in. Add a big glass window or French windows in your kitchen so that the way of natural light is never blocked.


Nothing can be as classy as the contrast of black and white. Add monochrome designs in your kitchen. In fact add contrasting cookware, equipment and appliances in your kitchen. It will not only give a stark contrast in the kitchen but also add to the aesthetic of the kitchen. Playful black handles and black lampshades over the kitchen island can be perfect accessories to match up with the glamour of the kitchen.

While renovating your kitchen décor use these designing ideas. I am sure your kitchen will be the place of pride in your home. Thank me later.

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How to Diagnose the Plumbing Problems in Toilet

 How to Diagnose the Plumbing Problems in Toilet

Some problems may occur in the toilets and the toilet tank problem is the most commonly occurred, including the flapper, flush valve, and the handle assembly. Such problems could happen for the seal within the flange and toilet base. Some leak can also occur on the water supply hose and flush valve connections. When the problems happen, you can call emergency plumbers Bristol or diagnose the plumbing problems by yourself. When you can find it, you can fix it in some minutes.

–               First, dry the toilet base area where you think the water is seeping. Place some paper towel on the toilet base and then check the condition after two hours. The wax ring may need to be replaced if you find wet spots on the towel after the two hours.

–               If you find some leak, wipe the condensation off if you see it on the tank’s bottom. Dry the area by using paper towel and then see the supply hose and fittings from the floor level. If the leak comes from the bottom, the damage may occur for the worn out supply hose. But if the leak is from the tank’s bottom, then the flush valve should be replaced.

–               Watch the flush valve and flapper by firstly removing the lid of the toilet tank. You should replace the flapper if you see that it doesn’t make perfect seal with the bottom hole of the tank. Whilst you should replace the flush valve if the float sticks perfectly and water trickles are heard inside the tank.

–               Make sure that the flapper sets to the bottom hole of the tank well by checking the chain length. Too long chain also could tangled and make the flapper can’t drop down in sufficient distance.

Checking your plumbing system and diagnosing the problems may seem simple but it could make you spend much money when you are false in diagnose. So it might be much better to hire one of plumbers in Bristol that are professional and know best what to do with your toilet plumbing problems.

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How To Lower Air Conditioner Electricity Bills

How To Lower Air Conditioner Electricity Bills

You don’t need to displace in full the air conditioning system just to bring down your electric bills. Possibly, a higher-technological system of saving electricity may be available in the future, but until then, these are five ways you can follow at the moment to diminish your electric bills immediately:

1. Introduce a programmable temperature regulator.

Raising the warmth a couple of degrees is an easy approach on the subject about how to save money on power. The hotter you let your home get, the less work your cooling system needs to put in. Be that as it may, do you have the sufficient patience to make necessary adjustments on the regulator consistently?

Rather, introduce a programmable temperature regulator. You can get a fundamental model at a nearby handyman shop for about $30. On the other hand, you may spend on an automatic model, similar to the Nest Learning Thermostat, which can adapt to your home-and-away routine after some time.

2. Utilize ceiling fans only when you’re under them.

Ceiling fans are certainly more productive than air condition and cooling systems, but still, having them working unnecessarily all the time won’t help you very much. A ceiling fan just courses air. It won’t really bring down the temperature.

Ceiling fans work by making you feel cooler by circling air against your skin. So just utilize a ceiling fan when there’s somebody in the area who needs it. Else, you’re simply squandering power.

3. Introduce air conditioning systems in the hottest rooms.

Numerous houses – particularly more established ones – have that one room that simply doesn’t ever chill unlike all the other rooms. That one room can cost you a great deal of cash, particularly on the possibility that the room is a very frequently utilized room. To keep it cool, you might be lured to put the temperature regulator of your central air conditioning system down a really cold level. It could make other areas of the house really cold, yet having that particular room simply agreeable.

The practice makes you squander cash because the air conditioner will work on more extra load. So rather, look for $75 to $100 window or floor unit for that particular room. You may need the help of an electrician during the installation. You can now simply turn the unit on when you’re in the room to have the temperature somewhat cooler, and afterwards, turn it off just when you’re about to leave.

4. Keep it clean.

Take good care of your unit as if it’s an expensive jewelry according to 7diamond. Cleaning the filters of the unit – whether window units or central unit – is generally as critical as changing the filter of the furnace consistently during the winter. At a point when the filter gets dingy, the unit needs to work additional workload to maneuver air into its system, which will eventually just costs more power.

So determine how to clean the filter of your unit, and check it at regular intervals each month. There are numerous units that can just be hosed off frequently, and window units actually accompany removable filters that you can simply take and wash in the sink.

5. Close window curtains or blinds.

It’s pleasant to get a little daylight access – with the exception of that sunny corner that could cost you much of the cash especially during summer. When you let the sun in, it transmits heat.

So particularly on the south and west sides of your house, keep the blinds or curtains close unless there’s somebody in the room really getting a good view of the sun.

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Important Factors To Take Into Account When Choosing Your Storage Facility

There are so many situations in which you need to seriously consider renting storage units. The problem is that we normally do not know that much about the choice process. You want to be sure that you are going to make a great choice so you want to be aware of the various factors of high importance when the decision is to be made. You basically have to be careful and focus on those factors that are the most important. They are presented below, allowing a perfect US storage centers Las Vegas analysis and choice.


Location is definitely one of the most important factors that you want to take into account when you choose your storage unit. You basically want to find something that is close to the location of your home in most cases. At the same time, you want easy access from at least one major road. That only makes everything more convenient. As an extra related tip, do be sure that you check the crime rate that is present in the neighborhood.

Unit Size

The storage unit that you consider has to be large enough for holding absolutely all the surplus possessions. You also want to have enough room to be able to maneuver them and some growth room in the event that you are going to store more items in the future. This is much more common than what you think at the moment as you want to be sure that you do not waste money by having to buy a second unit.

The smallest of the units are normally 5’ by 5’. Really large units are normally around 10’ to 40’. Various sizes are available in-between these two options. Always choose something that is appropriate for your current storage needs.

Climate Control

You need to get climate control in more situations than what you might think at the moment. Most of the CC units will be placed inside larger buildings. The main advantage of getting climate control is that delicate items are going to be protected from humidity, cold and heat. It is also a lot more comfortable to visit them when you need to add something or take something back.

Access Hours

Most people do not have to worry about this but if you know that you might have to come at weird hours or if you simply need 24/7 access, it is a vital aspect. Everything here is connected with convenience. While it is not a main concern, the access hours are important and you want to be sure that your items are accessible whenever you need them.

Security And Insurance

Based on what you are going to store, you might want to be faced with some sort of insurance offered by the storage facility. At the same time, you want to be sure that the security in place is of the highest possible quality. Most facilities only have security guards. You may want to focus on those that also have some sort of alarm system or at least some security cameras installed.

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Interior and exterior wood doors under the order: the main advantages

Strange as it seems, but the large selection of doors, presented on the modern market in various retail outlets, does nothing, but complicates the purchase of a suitable model. It is very difficult to find a model that meets all the requirements (design, material, fittings, dimensions). In this case the purchase of custom doors is considered to be the best solution for many home owners, who have decided to refresh their interior design or make a full repair. Of course, the development of custom design for your doorways will take some time. However, ordering such products, you can be absolutely sure that your new doors will match the basic style of your home perfectly.

This approach eliminates the possibility of getting the construction of inappropriate design, which will not meet your taste. The design, decoration and finishing of custom products will match your requirements fully. Individual design allows you to create any form, choose any type of wood, color and fittings. It is a great solution, especially in case the doorways in your house have non-standard parameters. Custom wood doors can be adjusted to any opening, no matter whether it is too narrow or on the contrary to wide. Moreover, you can order the door frame of the desired shape (eg, double-wing, arch, etc.).

Thus, the production of the wood door is based on your needs and the professional approach of the manufacturer guarantees a workable design, no matter how difficult it would be to create it. Exact match of the construction and the doorway ensures long and trouble-free operation. If you order a custom design, the frame will be produced exactly according to the size of the door.

However, the main advantage of individually designed products is their appearance. It is very difficult to find the ideal option that will meet the interior and finishing of your house from range of ready-made constructions. Fortunately, individual orders exclude the possibility that the door design will not meet the aesthetic requirements completely. Customer chooses the decorations, the wood of the right type, which is the most suitable for the interior of the home. Besides the appearance, such parameters as sound and heat insulation also play an important role. The comfort of your house depends highly on them. Ordering doors of custom design, you can select the material (wood, plastic), insulation, fittings and stay within your budget.

If you are not sure, you will be able to create unique design yourself, you can consult with the specialists of one of the companies that are engaged in the production of different wood products for interior and exterior design. Usually, such firms have their own skilled designers, who are able to develop unique style for the product, taking into account all needs and wants of the client. All you need to do, is to express your thoughts and ideas to let specialists understand what product you want to get in the result. Don’t be afraid to experiment, turn on your imagination and make your home unique with the help of custom decor elements and products. Visit for more tips on home improvement.


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What Makes Moving Less Stressful

Orange County is well known among the most dynamic places in California and even all over the country. More than just offering beautiful natural landscapes it also offers big opportunities for those willing to reach success. Located near business, entertainment, and IT industry centers in California, it becomes favorite choices to find residential property. You know it is a good decision that you want to move to Costa Mesa, Orange County. It is good opportunity for your career and also for your family.

Moving to a new place is never a small thing to do and moreover you are moving your family and whole stuffs from old house to a new place in Costa Mesa. You are dealing with so many things even before you travel there. Managing all stuffs you will carry to a new place is already so stressful and not to mention those physical works to carry those boxes, loading it to the trucks, and that’s not the end. You will still need to unload, unbox, and manage those stuffs at new place. Without the right planning and also good strategy, what supposed to be a big day in your life can turn into a massive disaster. Don’t ever let that happen. You need to hire the best costa mesa movers to get the job done efficiently.

Hiring professional movers to help you with the moving work is the right decision but off course you also need to find the best moving service to hire. Well, there’s no doubt Movers Best is the one to choose. It is a local moving service with complete lines of services for moving to and from Cost Mesa. This  costa mesa moving company has top reputation for its services and solutions as known as the most preferred mover in this area.

Movers Best can provide complete solution for a smooth and successful moving. It is ranging from trained and experienced costa mesa movers ready to handle different types of stuffs including those requiring special treatments, loading and unloading works, to managing all stuffs. This company will also provide moving supplies like boxes, labels, tapes, and others as well as choices of transport truck. You can choose any of those services based on your actual needs so you have full control on the budget. Just give them a call and let them start helping you. Moving will no longer a stressful thing.

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Professional Contractors for Driveway Projects

Various places have driveway where cars can drive through it and even being parked there. A home can also have a driveway connecting the garage or the carport to the street. A driveway can be built with a variety of materials including the concrete or even asphalt. Every material can be put into good use for the good looking as well as durable driveway. Homeowner needs to think and plan the driveway first before building one functional driveway at home. One thing for sure, hiring contractors such as asphalt driveway contractors to work on the driveway is highly recommended for several reasons.

The first reason to hire help is not every has the equipments and the knowledge to do the entire process of building asphalt driveway. Hiring professional is a far better option considering that they will be able to work better and will work on the project fast. They know exactly what to do and how to work efficiently. Another reason to hire the professional contractors is time. Homeowners will have many things to do including working to make a living. Therefore, it will be a lot better to leave the driveway matters to the paid professionals as doing the driveway is their jobs. It’s how they make a living.

The one thing that will need to be considered will be the cost of the driveway building project. There will be several things affecting the cost of building a driveway. The materials used for the driveway as well as the measurements of the driveway will definitely affect the cost of the building project. For this one thing, some professional contractors help through their free cost estimator or calculator available on their official websites. It is very useful and one can use the calculator as a reference of building a good and functional driveway for home.

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The Top Three Most Popular Kitchen Worktop Materials in the UK Today

Amongst the many kitchen worktop materials available, granite, quartz, and stainless steel have gained prevalence. There are many reasons for this, so if you are currently in a bind trying to decide which material is best, you should learn more about what makes these materials different – and what makes them stand out. Here’s an overview on granite, quartz, and stainless steel worktops and why they could be a great choice for your kitchen.

Granite worktops: the best of the best

The Top Three Most Popular Kitchen Worktop Materials in the UK TodayGranite worktops are considered the best of the best, and for good reason. A lot of home owners prefer the look and feel of granite, and its smoothness and sophistication are hard to beat. Granite is a natural stone, which basically means that it is taken as big chunks or blocks directly from the earth. No two slabs of granite are exactly alike, so it is a good option if you want your kitchen worktop to be as unique as can be.

Granite is also hard and durable, with its hardness being as much as six on the hardness scale. This makes granite worktops very tough and resilient and they can last for decades. Granite can also improve your home’s value, so if ever you decide to sell your home in the future, a granite worktop is a big attraction to many buyers. Dark-coloured granite is becoming more of a popular choice, but be careful when selecting a granite worktop in black or other similar hues. Make sure it is not ‘doctored’ with dyes or oils, and source your granite worktop only from the most reputable suppliers, such as

Quartz worktops: a close second

Quartz worktops are also increasingly in demand, not just in the UK, but in other parts of the world. Quartz is actually engineered stone – it is comprised of about 93% quartz and natural stone bits and 7% resins and pigments. The quartz, resins, and pigments are compacted into slabs, and this often results in an amazing array of hues and colours. Quartz worktops are also very durable, just like granite, and they are known for being non-porous as well. This means that quartz worktops will not easily absorb stains and spills, and they also need no sealing.

Stainless steel worktops: ideal for commercial kitchens

Stainless steel worktops are often found in commercial or professional kitchens, simply because they are easy to clean and have anti-bacterial characteristics. You can choose to have a stainless steel worktop in your residential kitchen, but make sure it is adequately protected from scratches, as it can get easily scratched. To better protect your stainless steel worktop, always use chopping boards, pads, and trivets for the surface. Actually, this goes for all the worktop materials mentioned here – it’s always better to be safe than sorry, after all.

Image attributed to Ambro/

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Keeping your antiques in a storage unit

Looking to keep those precious antiques in the confines of a storage unit? Many owners of antique pieces look to store them in a safe and secure place instead of their own home. This is a legitimate position and it’s smarter to place them somewhere secure. With elevated security standards, self-storage units are proving to be an excellent option for antiques. However, keeping antiques in a storage unit comes along with specific requirements in order to maintain their overall quality. Antiques can easily become tarnished or ruined in environments found in storage units. This piece will focus on all the basic requirements needed to store an antique piece inside a storage unit safely.


It is generally smarter to purchase a personal storage unit that can have its climate controlled. Any valuable being placed inside a storage unit should not be exposed to extensive heat during the summer months. This can lead to negative results and the whole point of protecting any antique piece goes by the wayside.  Insurance can go a long way for antique pieces in such cases especially if one is forking over money for climate control. Most facilities will offer insurance in order to protect items that are valuable.

Pack to Perfection

Antiques have to be handled with care and packing them prior to placement is essential. Antiques will often see a lot of wear and tear inside a storage unit facility. In order to eradicate damage, it is important to wrap up the antique piece as compactly as possible.

Even during the transportation of these pieces to the storage unit an unpacked antique piece can become damaged. It is best to wrap up the piece prior to leaving the home in order to ensure its overall safety. The last thing any owner wants to see is their piece fall apart or get nicked during the transportation phase.

Special boxes are designed to hold fragile items such as antique pieces. It is best to go to a supply store for one of these boxes. It is the best way to ensure the piece does not get harmed. These boxes are usually designed for shipping across seas, so they should be able to handle the punches thrown by the climate inside a storage unit.

Separate Pieces

Certain items can be pulled apart as a means to ensure they are wrapped individually. Placement of the pieces is essential during the process. Where the antique piece is placed inside the storage unit is of utmost importance. Don’t place them side by side other items and especially not heavier items. Having an item fall on the antique piece could be devastating and lead to the complete loss of value of the item. It is best to keep it secure in a certain corner of the storage unit away from heavier items that could potentially damage it.

Stacking items of such value is never a good idea. Similar to the concept of putting it in a corner away from heavier items, stacking can lead to damage. If one tips over, the entire piece will fall apart and break. Visit for more tips on home improvement.

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