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Month: August 2016


When most people think of home security they are thinking about alarm systems, CCTV and motion detectors. These are all important tools that can be used for any homes security solution, however there is another more important home security component that you might not have really considered before. The doors to your home and garage are actually your first defence against intruders and the elements.

Here are some useful tips that can help you to make sure your home and garage doors are secure at all times:

  • Locks: even if the entry doors of your home and garage are secure, you should also have sturdy locks on garages, sheds and gates to further protect your home. By keeping intruders away from the entries to your home you are decreasing the chance that they will be able to enter your home. Unauthorised entry can of course happen whilst you are away or at home, so by making it a habit to keep doors locked you can reduce the risk of someone entering your home easily.

Not all locks are created equal however, so when you’re looking for the perfect lock you should consider:

  • Key control – keys can be protected against unauthorised duplication by utility patents.
  • Physical strength – how well will the lock withstand abuse such as kicking or jimmying? In addition to strong locks the strike needs to have some kind of reinforcement to the doorframe.
  • Durability – will the lock stand up to years of use without failing or becoming difficult to operate? Look at the lock rating to find it’s grade and that will determine its strength and life span.

  • Materials: by choosing doors and locks that are made of sturdy materials you are ensuring that they will be less likely to be broken or manipulated. Metal and solid wood are the best choices here, and doors that might have glass panels should also have double-keyed locks to prevent a thief from reaching through glass to unlock a door.

  • Deadbolts: entry doors can be further protected through the use of deadbolts, as well as locking doorknobs. Even doors leading from your garage or outbuilding should have double protection so that if someone wants to break into the garage area the rest of your home would be at a lesser risk.

A heavy-duty tubular deadbolt or mortise lock provides good protection on a front door as it can provide protection against picking, drilling and other forms of physical attack.

  • Windows: windows can be secured with either locking hardware that utilises a key for operation, or with removable pins so that an intruder cannot easily force the window open.

A quick checklist to ensure the security of your home and garage:

  • Are my locks all Grade 2 or better?
  • Do all of my doors have deadbolts that extend at least 1”?
  • Are all of the deadbolt strikes reinforced to the frame?
  • How many key duplicates do I have and who has them?
  • Do my keys have protection against unauthorised duplication?
  • Are my exterior doors all solid wood or wood filled with properly reinforced frames?
  • Is my property adequately lit?

The best way to ensure the safety and security of your home and garage would be by consulting professionals that are skilled in the appropriate areas. We spoke to a local locksmith training company (MPL) who told us “the security of your home is so important in the world of today. We are called out to numerous jobs each day where a lock has simply been snapped for example. Taking simple steps to prevent this are so important to every household and should be the number 1 priority.”

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Why do I want my sash windows draught-proofed?

Sash windows look stunning when you have them fitted, but the big downside to sash windows is the amount of heat that you lose through them, but draught-proofed sash windows can help to dramatically lower the amount of heat lost and also stop draughts from giving you chills.

Old Sash Windows

Older sash windows are problematic for their owners. Their age and the materials that they are made from mean that old sash windows can be subject to mould, rising damp, draughts, condensation and huge amounts of heat loss. There are several different solutions to each of these problems that the Original Box Sash Windows Company can provide you with.

Draught Proofing

If you have an existing sash window that you don’t want to completely replace, but you do want to get rid of the awful draughts, reduce noise and stop heat being lost, then our bespoke timber draught proofing could be just what you are looking for.

The bespoke timber mouldings are matched to the original frames so that they match with your door and the other window frames on your house. What this does is seal your sash windows so that draughts can’t filter through and invade your home.

Secondary Glazing

Once you’ve fixed the problem of draughts, the next thing that you might want to tackle are the issues of condensation and heat loss. Condensation can lead to mould and rising damp if it is particularly bad, but there is one solution that can fix these problems and that is secondary glazing.

There are some quick fix options such as one season window film that only need a hair dryer to apply. These films will reduce draughts and help to cut heat loss by a third, however you do have to make sure that it stays taunt when you are applying the films and when spring rolls around, you have to remove it again. This option doesn’t do anything to help with condensation, the film is prone to sagging, it can be easily damaged and you can’t open the windows until you’ve removed the film.

There are polyester sheets and acrylic sheets that are also available but really, the best option is to get proper secondary glazing fitted.

Getting secondary glazing fitted is much cheaper than replacing your sash windows and there is the added bonus that you can easily take the secondary panels out and store them during the warmer months when heat loss can be extremely beneficial.

Secondary glazing comes with several other benefits as well:

  • Reduction of noise by up to 70% or 80% compared to single glazing
  • Highly thermally efficient as they almost entirely eliminate heat loss
  • They are relatively inexpensive to have fitted
  • You don’t have to replace your original sash windows
  • Secondary glazing provides you with extra security as it is extremely difficult to open secondary glazing from the outside and it is much harder to break through two panes of glass instead of one.
  • Secondary glazing isn’t subject to building regulations so can be fitted on listed and protected buildings without securing extra permission.
  • Secondary is eco-friendly
  • Virtually eliminated condensation
  • Prevents draughts, ingress of pollen, dust and pollutants so that it generally improves the internal environment of your home.

Our draught-proofed sash windows

The third option that we offer comes in the form of replacing the original single glazed windows with our traditional timber sliding sash windows that are discreetly double glazed and draught-proofed.

We offer a wide range of flexible glazing options that are all double glazed. The advantages to double glazing in sash windows include:

  • Allowing you to reduce your heating costs
  • Reduction of noise
  • Draughts are minimised not only by the draught –proofing but by the glazing as well
  • Double glazing also has the added bonus of reducing ultra-violet damage
  • Increase the value of your property

It is rare for sash windows on a property to be the original sash windows that were first installed when the house was built. Mostly they are a mixture of fixtures that were fitted during the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. These tend to look at odds with the architecture of the buildings. This has led to a rise in popularity of replacing these hideous sash windows with carefully crafted bespoke timber sash windows.

We provide a range of different timber options that are tailored to match the original timber used in your property. When we fit one of our sash windows, we also use timber glazing bars to match the putty in the house construction. The internal mouldings that we fit are designed to match with the original mouldings that are already in your home, and the horns are designed to match the original horns.

Every sash window that we design and fit is guaranteed to look authentic and fit with the traditional look of the architecture of your home. The glazing that we provide is security glass that is double glazed and the opening windows all have locking keys so that you can make sure that your home is secure. We also offer a choice of a white frame or any of the Farrow & Ball colour range.

The Original Box Sash Window Company

If you are interested in draught-proofing your current sash windows without getting them replaced, having secondary glazing fitted or having your current sash windows replaced with some of our bespoke and traditional crafted sash windows, the either call us  on 01753 858 196 or email us at for a free quote. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer any questions you might have and provide you with more details about our range of products.

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Fairfield Window Cleaning Service

 Fairfield Window Cleaning Service

Why you need to keep the window clean? Because that what it is supposed to be. A clean window will give you a lot of advantages. It offers clean view to the beautiful sceneries outside there. It also allows natural lights to expose the interior side of the house and by that helping you to save energy as you don’t need to keep the lights on. Off course, don’t ever forget the visual impact. Clean windows will make your house more visually attractive with its tidy look and also the shining bright. Dirty windows will make your house looks dull and unattractive.

There are many factors causing dirty windows. It can be from dust buildup on the surface of the window, scratches from debris, splashed water, and many other things. When it is left uncleaned for quite long, it will be much harder to clean. It is good to have a shining clean windows but the cleaning work isn’t a favorite thing for any one. It takes time and lots of energy and not to mention you need to do the cleaning thoroughly otherwise it won’t give the right result as expected. In many cases, it is a better option to hire professional Fairfield window cleaning services other than doing the work yourself. Not because you don’t want to deal with the hassle but more because the scale of the works required to. The windows structure and location may not easy to reach and not to mention cleaning on the windows requires proper safety measure. Hiring a professional supported with proper gear will ensure better result with minimum risk of accident. So, now it’s time to find the right one to hire.

It seems like an easy thing to do when you are looking for CT Window Cleaners. You can easily find them on the local directory list including those serving Fairfield area. However, it may not wise to just pick any of them without getting to more about them. Don’t forget that hiring window cleaner will cost you money and you definitely want that spending offers the best value for your money. That’s why you need to only hire the best one and when it comes to the best window cleaners in Fairfield, it is highly recommended to contact American Painting & Window Cleaning. This is a certified and licensed contractor with one its specialty is window cleaning service. Since 1985, this contractor has been serving both residential and commercial customers in Fairfield county and New Haven county. It has top reputation for high quality services at the most competitive price.

This contractor has team of highly experienced window cleaners with extensive knowledge in what they do. Supported with complete equipment and advanced gear, they can handle cleaning work on any type of window at any location. Thorough cleaning works are including cleaning inside and outside surface of the window, cleaning the window screens, cleaning window tracks, and cleaning other things related to the windows. The cleaning work will be very effective and will deliver the best quality result. American Painting & Window Cleaning is also proud that all window cleaning works are bonded and insured for your highest satisfaction.

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Storage Solutions for Home and Business

Storage Solutions for Home and Business

Nowadays, there are plenty of occasions when you might need to store either household or business items for a period of time. Home downsizing is on the increase, as many empty nesters find they no longer need their large family home, and in many cases opt to release some equity and move into a property which requires less maintenance and is more suitable for their current needs.

And for those who need more space but don’t want to spend on moving or extending their property, temporary storage can offer an alternative short-term solution to storing large items in the garage such as quad-bikes, jet-skis, boats or similar.

Business also needs to be even more flexible nowadays, and whether downsizing or simply relocating or making use of temporary office space while a more permanent arrangement is sought – the ability to simply put items into storage rather than dispose of them or have them cluttering up a small office space can be invaluable until longer-term plans for office or business premises are finalized.

So what should you look for when choosing a storage service provider?

Here are some key things suggested by Gloucester removals experts to consider before deciding to put your unnecessary items into storage.

Security – expect a professional storage solutions provider to have up-to-the-minute security measures in place at their storage location. This should include CCTV, intruder alarm system monitored or connected to the local police, access control, and insurance to cover all eventualities as a minimum.

Storage premises – these should be well maintained and air-conditioned or dehumidified to ensure that stored items are maintained in excellent condition. You should also be able to inspect the area beforehand where your items will be stored.

Easy access – whether you prefer to collect your own items or have them delivered to your home or business premises. Make sure that access is available when you need it.

Storage advice – you’ll want to make sure that any items you put into storage are prepared adequately. Enquire as to the best method for packing, wrapping or preparing your items for storage. Reputable service providers will be only too happy to advise you regarding the best method of preparing your items for storage based on the type of item (furniture, soft goods, documents or tech items, etc.) and depending on the length of storage anticipated.

Partnering with the right storage company can help declutter your home or business premises, freeing up valuable space or making your home move or office move easier to deal with. Storage solutions provide a cost-effective method of dealing with today’s dynamic housing scenarios and business needs as well as a simple solution for those moving abroad or finding themselves in-between permanent homes.

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Blend Different Colors With Orange To Enhance Room Appeal

Colors play an important role in human life; especially it gives a strong impact on the mood. With plenty of colors playing such a crucial role in our lives we certainly need to think of using it in a right way for our house. These days while painting a wall, people often go for the combination of two or more different color schemes. Such combinations are bold and give a modern look which is preferred and loved by all. Talking about one such combination would be to go for Orange with blue, yellow, green or even red.

Why Orange?

Some colors need to be chosen wisely for the room depending upon the color of tiles, amount of sunlight that comes and the furniture that has been placed. To decorate your home with different colors, most of the designers would ideally advise you to go for this color as it gives energy and makes the room look more spacious. When you plan to remodel your home walls with orange colors, choose the dark brown furniture which can complement the look. It also helps to stimulate the activity and keeps the socialization in pace.

Online tips can be helpful:

At times, to go for some bright colors can be quite confusing. That is why you can check out different photos that can help you understand how the bright colors can look on your walls. You might not be that much aware of the orange color fact, but it has a great impact on your nervous system. Choose wisely and go for some customer reviews on how they feel about using the colors like an orange on walls.

Blend Different Colors With Orange To Enhance Room Appeal


Combinations to add in room with orange:

  • Some people generally prefer to go for single colors which can add the glaze while some prefer to go for the combination.

  • In most of the décor ideas that you go through, you will understand that combination looks more enhancing than a single color.

  • That is why, while applying orange, you can go for turquoise, navy blue, and even the gray for dining rooms and even for bedroom decor.

Give your living room a perfect Orange artwork:

For a creamy white hall or living room can be turned out into a modern look with the yellow, orange shade. You can enhance the surrounding of gray or white room hues with orange color and make it look appealing and eye catching. An orange splash on the walls with some yellow and blue combination of pillows with dark brown bookshelf looks mind blowing.

Change your bedroom look:

Give your living room a perfect Orange artwor

Source: Home Décor Buzz

There are many orange bedroom design ideas that you can apply to your room and give it a rustic look. Place two armchairs to compliment the color along with your white sheet of bed that would make it look more enhancing.

Orange color gives a positive feeling for many people. Play with colors and decorate your home with something really interesting. After all, it is one kind of investment which would reflect the style and standard of living that you actually prefer.

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Which light to use for your pool and why

When it comes to your pool, you need to be careful what type of lights that you use. Your pool is usually going to be a show stopper and more often than not, you’re going to want to increasingly illuminate it to really show it off to the world. Pool lights in the pool are generally there for a safety precaution, but they can also have an aesthetic touch.  When purchasing a pool light, you generally have one shot, so we’re going through which light you should use for your pool.

LED vs. Fiber Optic

In-ground pool lights are placed before the pool is filled with water, and once they’re in they can be truly difficult to change. Pool lights tend to have two objectives: to light up the pool and to provide different colours to create the atmosphere that you want. LED pool lights are designed so the actual bulb is submersed in the water, and contained within a housing to stop water and electricity mixing. Fiber optic pool lights on the other hand are designed so that the bulb is located in a dry box on the pool patio, with the light travelling from the bulb to a special fitting in the pool wall which will illuminate the pool.

Changing the pool bulb on both of these options is relatively simple, although there is a common misconception that LED lights are more difficult because you have to change the water levels. However, LED pool lights generally last for many more years than a fiber optic bulb which gives LED bulbs a slight edge. In addition to this, LED lights tend to illuminate pools a lot more evenly than a fiber optic bulb, and their transformer can also be positioned close or far away from the pool, whereas fiber optic cords are very limited. With this, it appears that LED lights are actually a lot better than Fiber optic lights and for a huge number of reasons.

Around The Pool

Once you’ve decided what type of light you should use in your pool, you should generally use this logic around the rest of the pool too. If you want spotlights around the pool for example, then LEDs can be a great way to really illuminate your garden showpiece. LED lights come in an abundance of different shapes, sizes and designs, and you can be sure to really get the right type to complement your swimming pool and light it up at night.

Other options you can look at are solar powered lanterns or ornaments that you can use to decorate around the pool. However, solar powered lanterns may not always look good, such as when the sun hasn’t been shining during the day. Although they are fantastic for the environment as a renewable energy source, you can be sure that you will be able to get an even better effect, with energy efficient LED lights too.

You can also customise your pool even more, with LED floating lights to really set the scene, as they change colour to light up the pool. There are plenty of lighting accessories available on the market to help you to light up your pool, but generally waterproofed LED lights are recommended due to their energy efficiency and bright light capabilities.

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Perhaps, It is the Time to Call AC repair Ahwatukee

AC system is one of the most important items in every house especially during certain seasons. If you are in need of HVAC contractor, Morehart is a professional and experienced HVAC contractor which has been serving Phoenix area for more than 10 years. However, there are times when AC system is no longer as friendly as it is supposed to be. Some of us may not aware when to call for professional help, but below are some signs when you need to call for a reliable and experienced AC repair Ahwatukee.

The age of the AC – air conditioner is considered as the most important investment in most houses. We have the item for years without actually having serious problem. However, if the air conditioner has come to 10 years old and the broiler or furnace is over 15 years old; then it is the time to call for AC repair or replace. If the item is still fixable, then you are certainly very lucky. The age of the air conditioner and heater unit definitely plays important role in its performance.

The bill increases suddenly – there are times when you suddenly receive huge gas or electricity bill which is much expensive than the previous month even when you made no changes in usage. This kind of thing happens a lot when it is the time to call for professional HVAC repair. The unexplained increasing bill can be triggered because there are issues going on in the HVAC system which makes it work incorrectly or poorly. The issues somehow cause the increasing in the heating bill.

Energy matter – most of the recent AC units have great improvement in energy efficiency. But, HVAC system which is over 10 years old usually has degrading performance which also leads to reduce energy efficiency. For example of degrading performance is when some rooms are colder while some others are hotter than it is supposed to be. Make sure that you observe the AC system whether it is already have degrading energy efficiency or not. If so, then it is the time to call for repair or replace. The AC repair Ahwatukee knows how to test the performance of the AC system which causes different cooling/heating in the house.

There is something different with the AC – in some moment, the AC seems to working just fine as usual but, there are also times when it just runs differently. Irregularities activity of the AC system is the sign that you should ask the professional help to check the unit. The sooner you call, the problem will also sooner to be detected. This will also help you save more money for keeping the AC system working in optimal performance. Instead, if you keep using the odd AC system, you will likely also experience unexplained increasing bill because of the inefficient system.

Strange smells or sounds – proper AC system should produce no sounds or minimal sound but, if the system starts to produce strange noises; it is the sign of any problem in the unit. The strange sounds may only come in couple of times, but you cannot just ignore it especially if the sounds also get louder and louder. In addition, if the AC system also emits certain smells like burning smell for some minutes after turning on the units; make sure that you turn it off again. This is because there is something wrong inside the system and it will dangerous if you keep on turning it on. When the two problems happen to the AC system, make sure to call professional AC repair as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

The AC is not working – the most visible sign to call the professional AC repair is when the unit is stop working completely. You may need to survive without the AC system in the house due to repair or maintenance, but it is better than waiting for weeks because the condition can be worse. Even when it is in winter or fall, you should not be tempted to wait for any longer because things can be worse and even you can have increased bill.

Those are the times and signs when you need to call for professional AC system. The professional contractor will surely be able to tell you when it is the time to repair, maintenance, or replacement according to the damage level of your AC system.

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Consider the Water Type in Kirkland Plumbing

 Consider the Water Type in Kirkland Plumbing

When selecting the water heating system for your home, make sure you understand some facts. There are some things should be considered in choosing the type of water heaters. Here are some considerations you should look carefully before you make the decision related to Kirkland Plumbing.

Fuel type, cost and availability

Water heater systems commonly use electricity, fuels oils and gas as their energy. They use those to operate the water heater. First thing to consider is about the yearly cost you will spend on each fuel. Some locations will be easier to get electricity access. However, if you live in the area which is difficult to get electricity, you’d better to use oil or gas for your heating system.

Make sure to have enough hot water

In maximizing efficiency, it is better that you have lot of hot water. The devices you have will determine on how much hot water will be used. Knowing the number of your devices and amount of hot water will ease you to decide the flow rate. The number of people at home also can be the great effect to the type and size of the water heater you will choose.

Energy efficiency

To help you in maximizing the energy and saving the cost, you should know the efficiency rate of your water heating system. You can get this information from any system you will consider. Knowing this correctly will help you a lot in determining the yearly cost of each unit. You can compare the yearly cost and efficiency of each system before you make your last choice. For sure, different types of fuel will determine the yearly cost and efficiency as well. When the energy cost changes then the yearly cost will be changed too. If in your location, you have more than one fuel type then you’d better comparing the coat of the fuel for each.

It doesn’t matter which type you select, the most important is that the right maintenance after you decide. The good maintenance will make your water heater works properly and efficiency. The right maintenance can be done by professional Kirkland plumber. If you live in Kirkland, you can consult placing the water heater with Rudy’s Plumbing. Beside the maintenance, make sure to keep the warranty on your system. No matter which type you choose, it is more important also to install the water heater by asking help from the professional who is trained and experienced. The performance of your water heater will be insured and most importantly, it is safe for you and family.

Rudy’s Plumbing has served in Kirkland and surrounding areas for over 35 years. They dedicate themselves to help the customer in plumbing and septic needs with high quality and service. If you want to install water heater, you can contact them. They believe that their team will help you for any plumbing problems and projects. They also offer the affordable cost and their reputation is not doubtful. They will help you to solve your plumbing problem such as toilets, faucets, sinks, sprinklers and many more.

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What to Notice on Dealing with the Lake House

That is something that is a little bit that worse and sometimes can be so frustrating when the great storm comes and happens. That is especially if we live or stay around the area of the water, as like near the lake or even near the beach. That is such a good idea for looking for the ideas on dealing with the various things which can deal with the worse impacts because of the storm which happened. Of course, we still need to be smart and be patient on dealing with that thing. Finding a lot of information which give you the idea will be a good idea that can be obtained from a lot of sources as like

By getting a lot of information on how to deal with the worse damage caused by the storm or even another kind of the natural disaster, that will be such a good inspiration on what we need to do or what we should do then. It would not be a big deal anymore as long as you have obtained the information and also tips which can be so helpful. Thus, actually, by getting the info regarding to the storm which can possibly happen, it does not mean that you can give up on having such the home since everything can happen no matter where we live or stay.

Having such the adorable home where we can enjoy the leisure time and refreshing our mind, as like at our second home, for example at the lake house which we have, it can be such the good point. Still, any home has its own risk or pros and cons. Still, that is only about how we can deal with that thing. It will be such a good point and idea then, so that we can simply enjoy the wide ranges of benefits of living or staying at the lake house.

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Efficiency in Electricity Usages

Electricity becomes very crucial in life. Everyone in every house will use the particular electronics for a variety of things. For the simplest usage of electricity that will be needed by everyone is for lighting fixtures. It’s obvious how useful it is. Just imagine the pitch black night without a single light under the sky with no stars or moon. Nowadays, the usage of electricity will come in almost everything, for laundry, working, washing dishes, cooking and more things. Don’t just using the electricity and the electronic devices, it’s also important to also pay attention to the maintenance like panel upgrades in Jacksonville.

Using electricity more efficiently is very important. One of the important reasons to use energy efficiently is the bills. If one wishes to pay large amount of bills every month, feel free to carelessly use the electricity. However, for the people who wish to get more efficient energy consumption, proper maintenance as well as carefulness in the usage of the electronic devices. Trying to properly maintain the electricity system at home is not a job for everyone. This is a job needs to be properly done by the people who do have the knowledge to work on it without causing problems.’

Fortunately, there are a lot of options of electricity services waiting to be found. These services are easier to be reached as well. One can simply picks up the phone and then explain the situation to get helped further. Another way to reach them is by checking the official websites. Official websites serve as a way to contact the particular companies or service providers. As a lot of people get connected through internet, the existence of these websites become very important. The people who need to be helped can easily contact the needed service through internet. There’s no need to step out of home.

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