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Month: October 2016

How To Prepare For A Gutter Replacement And Avoid A Catastrophic Mess

Modern homes are extremely functional due to the fact that they’re fitted with a variety of complex systems. However, those systems need to be well-maintained if homes are to be kept in top-notch condition, and that’s especially true for gutters and drainage. Gutters exist to make sure homes don’t sustain any water damage, but they can become damaged themselves if they’re not cleaned thoroughly.

Gutters protect homes by ensuring rainwater can’t enter through the windows, doors and walls, and they also make sure rainwater is cleared from the home’s foundations as to avoid potentially irreversible structural damage. Of course, no matter how well-maintained gutters are, they are going to need replacing from time to time. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose only the very best companies for gutter replacement in Perth because that way, homeowners can depend on their new gutters lasting for years to come.

However, though it’s highly recommended to utilise the professionals such as the ones found at for gutter replacements, some homeowners will choose to clean their existing gutters by themselves before the new ones are installed. This article will talk about how to clean existing gutters before the replacements arrive.

Preparing for Replacement Gutters

Those who are intending to clean their existing gutters before new ones arrive should be aware it can be quite messy. Here’s how to clean gutters and avoid getting covered in dirt.

  • Wear thick gloves – It’s important to wear work heavy gloves to make sure there are no injuries caused by sharp edges or outward sticking nails. Plus, homeowners won’t get their hands and arms covered in dirt if they’re wearing large gloves.
  • Wear old clothes – During the process of cleaning, it’s important to remember that dirt can get everywhere, which is why it’s advisable to wear old clothing.
  • Don’t lean ladders against the gutters – In some situations, leaning a ladder against a gutter can cause the gutter to detach, and that could result in a huge mess all over the garden and the homeowner.
  • Try to clear the drainpipe with a high-pressure hose – It may be necessary to use a plumber’s auger to unclog drainpipes from the bottom, but it’ll be much less messy if any obstructions can be forced through from above with a high-pressure hose.
  • Have a bucket at the ready – Most homeowners find there’s more grime in their gutters than expected, so it’s best to have a bucket to hand to fill with all the loose debris and dirt.
  • Aim the hose towards the drainpipe when blasting the gutter – Needless to say, the best way to avoid a mess when spraying the gutter is to aim the hose towards to the drainpipe.

Cleaning gutters in preparation for new gutters to be installed isn’t as easy as many people might think. That’s why those who want to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible might be better off simply letting the professionals do the hard work instead.

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Use Mite T Tech for Your Central Florida Pest Control

It was early in Diane Smith’s first year in Sanford, Florida that she stepped into her garage and walked to the driver’s side of her car. Then she heard the rattle.

By the front tire, a wide, coiled snake sat like a thick hose. It tightened its coil and shook its tail as she moved closer, curious. She had never seen a rattlesnake before. Common sense set in, and she called the proper authorities. After disposing of the reptile using a long, hooked pole and launching it into the brush, a fireman told Smith how close she came to a venomous bite.

    “That thing was coiled tight,” he said. “Another step and it would have lunged at you.”

Snake Control Services     

Mite T Tech Pest Control understands that stories like this one can happen at any time, and they want to help you take care of the problem before it happens.

    Mite T uses the latest in eco-friendly pest management technologies to ensure your safety from creatures great and small. More importantly, Mite T feels like a resident’s home is their kingdom and castle. You should feel comfortable and secure in your home and on your property. As such, an invasion from any foreign pest, such as a snake, can feel like a personal intrusion.

For the past 15 years, Mite T has been working with the community to help better develop a personal relationship with residents and customers. Mite T began with just a single truck, after all, and that same hands-on, grassroots business model is still alive and well within the company today.

    While many snakes in Florida are non-venomous, a few are particularly harmful. With 46 different species of snake throughout the state, they are a constant menace to livestock, leave behind remnants of meals, and generally cause a foul stench anywhere they choose to inhabit.

    The key to snake control is an inspection. Snake infestation may not always be visible to the layman. After successfully removing one snake, you may think the problem is solved. However, you should remember that one of their key survival traits is camouflage. Our professionals will not only remove dangerous or nuisance-causing snakes but also tell you how to prevent further infestation from occurring.

Wasp Control Services

    Florida’s tropical climate makes it a wonderland for larger animals like snakes and alligators, but residents must also contend with smaller insects as well. Wasps are a persistent irritant and, at times, a serious danger.

    Wasps are capable of stinging multiple times and often do so when they feel threatened. It’s easy to stumble upon a wasp nest without even realizing it. Worse, ignoring a wasp nest will allow it to double or even triple in size. Millions of Americans are allergic to bee and wasp stings, and many are usually unaware until after they are stung.

    It’s always helpful to know your enemy. There are two common kinds of wasps in central Florida – the paper wasp and the cicada killer. While certain wasps have a place in the ecosystem, the paper wasp does not pollinate, and they’re the kind you’d most likely see tiptoeing along the edge of an open soda can.

    Wasp control requires immediate action. Once we’ve eradicated any remaining nests in your area, prevention becomes the best policy. During their inspection, they will quickly identify what kind of wasp is on your property, then set about devising the most appropriate strategy. You won’t be left in the dark as their experts will lay out each step of the plan. The knowledge they provide will also help you to avoid future infestations without the hassle of picking up the phone.

    While there are plenty of do-it-yourself pest control products on the market, it’s always advised to speak with an expert from Mite T Tech. Store bought wasp traps come with no guarantee, as not all kinds of wasps are attracted to the same bait. They know which species of wasp is the most aggressive and which are less of a threat, and this knowledge factors into every stratagem. Their tools and equipment can safely remove even the worst infestation while ensuring no danger to your children or pets.

    The days of an exterminator arriving at your house spraying harmful chemicals are a thing of the past. Mite T Tech is honored to be a part of the Florida community, serving its residents with expert care, humane pest treatment, and ecologically healthy products. There’s no infestation that Mite T can’t solve using individualized, personal technique and know-how. Not only do they guarantee exceptional work, but they also offer free follow up treatment to ensure complete satisfaction. They look forward to helping your home or business feel like the secure, comfortable dwellings they should be.

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Planning For A Family

Choosing to have children is a big step to take for any couple. One of the most important considerations about having children is the family home. Kids grow up quickly, so whilst it can seem like a good idea to save money and rent a small flat as a temporary stopgap, this may not be the most suitable option for a growing child. This is a guide to making sure that a house is ready to accommodate a new baby.

House Size

Obviously, this is the first consideration for Perth display homes which will soon have a new child living there. As babies start to crawl they will need as much space as possible to explore. This will help their development into toddlers. If babies cannot roam around supervised on all fours then this can actually cause them to develop at a slower rate.

As babies grow into toddlers they will need more space to sleep and bigger areas to play in. A small living space can also cause young children to become bored very quickly. Bored kids can be a nuisance for parents because they can start to cause mischief if they are not kept occupied.

House Safety

A house needs to be safe for raising children in. Display homes in Perth by Aveling Homes are built to the latest safety standards and building regulations. This ensures that children are not exposed to dangers such as faulty wiring and plate-glass doorways.

Babies have a habit of banging into furniture when they are crawling about the house. Sharp corners and heavy furniture need to be cushioned so that babies don’t injure themselves when they are exploring their new home.

Window blinds can be a choking hazard for babies. To prevent little ones from getting tangled up in cords, make sure that blinds are either cordless or that the cords can easily be tied out of harm’s way.

Make sure to inspect the house fully for any safety defects before the baby is due. Do the necessary repairs if the house is found to have any dangers.

House Comfort

Babies need comfortable surroundings to grow up in. When designing the baby’s room, make sure to install a large crib with comfortable bedding. This will allow the baby to play safely and to be able to get a lot of rest.

Babies are susceptible to changes in temperature. This means that it is important to replace any rattling or cracked windows with brand-new double-glazed panes of glass. New windows will help to keep heat inside the home so that the baby does not feel the cold.

House Excitement

Installing a play area is a fantastic way to make sure that babies are stimulated. A playpen with lots of different toys means that parents can keep an eye on things. Plant interesting and colourful flowers in the garden so the new baby can be stimulated by nature as well.

Follow this guide to make sure that the house is set up for a new baby.


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