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How To Properly Take Care Of The Furnace Room

The room of the home where the furnace is located is normally not going to be included in the maintenance list of the homeowner. In most situations we see this room located in a cellar. It is so rarely used. The problem is that we want to be sure that the furnace operates properly so you will have to maintain and clean this room on a regular basis. That is due to many different reasons.

Cleanliness is going to reduce fire risks and the necessity to have emergency furnace repair done. Also, the clean furnace room makes it so much easier to fix some problems when repairs are necessary. Do not think the furnace will not require repairs. This is always a certainty.

The best thing in this entire equation is that the furnace room is quite easy to be kept clutter free and clean. So much work will be necessary on the long run though. When your furnace room is basically kept as a storage part of the house, much time will be needed to clean it.

If you want to be sure the furnace room is clean and you minimize fire risks, here are some things you can do:

  • Always be sure you have enough free space present round the furnace so that safe operations can be performed. Packing the room full with many different unused items is always a pretty bad idea. Fire hazards just become larger and furnace operation will no longer be hard to do.
  • Hang your clothes or laundry lines far away from the furnace so that it is easy to dry. Clothes can dry faster in the area but this does add fire hazard. Always be sure your rack will be located a safe distance away from your furnace.
  • The cat litter box should never be kept close to your furnace. Ammonia present in the urine of a cat can actually corrode different furnace parts. Also, smells will end up in your vent system. You surely do not want this to circulate through the home.
  • Never store cleaning products, laundry soaps or chemicals close to your furnace. If you absolutely have to store these in the same room with your home furnace, airtight containers are going to be necessary.
  • Be sure that you never store the flammable products like pool chemicals, paint thinners, kerosene or gasoline close to your furnace. They can easily cause a really dangerous and fast expanding fire.
  • The area round the furnace has to be clean. Never leave broken furnace parts or dusty furnace filters close to the furnace room. That will clutter everything and creates fire hazards.
  • Always vacuum and dust furnaces on a regular basis. Dusting the entire area and cleaning the furnace room floor is always something that should be on your monthly to-do list.

When the area is properly cleaned, not much is needed on a constant basis. You just need some minutes every weak and the area will be 100% clean. Although it will be quite difficult to clean this furnace room at first, once the entire area is cleaned you will be faced with only minor tasks that would need to be done.