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Need a Flooring Service? Carpet Installation Syracuse Is What You Need

Everyone certainly wants to have a beautiful house. We want everything looks perfect so visitors will be amazed. That’s why we need to consider many things related to the house, and that includes the floor. Floor is not simply a spot where we place our feet. We need to choose which style that seems suitable to our house overall. However, the real problem is not choosing the design, but how we install it to the floor. If you have this problem, then you need Magic Carpets.


What Is Magic Carpets?

Never heard of Magic Carpets? Allow us to explain about it briefly to you. Magic Carpets is a company which provides carpet as well as flooring service. This company founded by Gregory A. Horan has been in business for 12 years since 2004. Its service is available in Central New York and the surrounding areas. Not only is floor installation the service you will get, but also some discussions about the materials for your floor. By that, they can give you one great carpet installation Syracuse.


What Can Magic Carpets Do for You?

Previously, we have said that Magic Carpets provide a flooring service, which means your floor will be decorated with carpets or rugs. For your information, carpet is not the only thing they can install to your floor. They can also decorate it with ceramic tile, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl. Besides Residential, their carpet installation Syracuse is also available for Commercial, such as hotels, medical facilities, restaurants, stores, and even sporting areas. Of course their service for both Residential and Commercial are quite different.


  1. Residential Carpet Service

When you ask Magic Carpets’ services, they do not simply install the floor just like that. They want to make sure that customers completely satisfy with what they do. Hence, before they start their jobs, they have to check several points first. For instance, they will remind parents to keep their children and pets safe, or remove some furniture or toys from play room. Furthermore, before the installation, they will do measurement, show you some samples, and discuss about what type of flooring that suits your house the best. Those are only a few services they have for Residential. They still have some others, which are quite useful for customers. The additional services are removing old floor, hauling away old floor, installing carpet pad, and installing new floor.


  1. Commercial Carpet Service

Besides for houses, carpet installation Syracuse is ready to serve Commercial clients like hotel, hospital, or restaurant. What’s more is that they are actually one of the best flooring installation companies in Central New York. The reason is because of how they deliver such top quality, either in services or products. Not to mention, the price they arrange is fairly compatitive. The services for Commercial includes free estimates, free product samples (if client requests it), floor installation with all types of coverings, design consultation, and many more. Clients may also request them to remove old floor. The great part about it is that the old floor is not simply removed just like that. They will recycle and turn it into a new flooring. That makes them one amazing eco-friendly company. Meanwhile, Magic Carpets have done a number of Commercial projects (i.e. Ramada Inn, Gander Mountain, Empire Vision, Joey’s Restaurant, and Comfort Inn and Suites).


Why You Must Choose Magic Carpets?

The services we mentioned above is quite enough to make us calling Magic Carpets. Besides their services, this company also offer carpet installation Syracuse with one year warranty. They promise to all customers 100% satisfaction guarantee too. Not only do they serve in Syracuse, but also in other areas, including Liverpool, Fayetteville, Dewitt, East Syracuse, and many else.


That’s all you need to know about Magic Carpets, a company which will give you an expert carpet installation Syracuse. If you want to know how good their service is, you can simply call them at 315-516-3624. Alternatively, you can contact them via online. There is a gallery which consists of some pictures of their works on the website. Just check it out if you still have a doubt on this company.