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7 Must-Try Pelican Bay Pools Services of Pool Maintenance Glendale AZ

It feels very delightful to have a personal swimming pool. We can use it to swim around anytime we want want. Most importantly, it is free of charge. Unfortunately, unlike the public one, there is no one will clean it other than ourselves. Some homeowners are too busy for that task. If that’ so, then let Pelican Bay Pools do it for you. This company provides a great pool maintenance Glendale AZ. Moreover, there are several kinds of services you can request from them.


  1. Green Pool Cleanup

What do think will happen if you never clean your pool? It will become cloudy, and its color will turn into green. The green factor is as a result of the algae growing in the pool as the chlorine drops to low level. Pelican Bay Pools has an amazing skill in cleansing the pool. They will do a complete cleanup, including draining the water, washing the surface with acid, sanitize it, and then refill it. They will conduct them all fast and effectively. Besides turning it into a new sparkling pool again, it will control the growth of the algae too.


  1. Weekly Full Service

Most of us know that swimming pool needs a regular cleaning at least once a week. Luckily, this company offers a weekly pool maintenance Glendale AZ too. They will send a member of their staff to come to your house and maintain the pool for you. The services they give to you are like brushing the pool, cleaning all skimmer baskets, turning on equipement, etc. They will also check the level of the chemistry and add chemicals if it is necessary. If you want to take this offer, you must determine a fixed schedule with them first.


  1. Chemicals Only Service

Not all people are that lazy to clean their own swimming pool. Some of them are still capable of doing this job on their own. But the problem is the chemicals. They have no clue how to utilize it properly. In addition, they do not know the chemistry level as well. For that matter, you may simply call Pelican Bay Pools. You can ask them to come only to check the chemicals. In this part, they will test your pool and add some chemicals required. As a result, it will have a balanced chemical.


  1. One-Time Cleanups

Cleaning swimming pool completely is not an easy job to do. It requires a lot of time to finish it. But, with one-time cleanups service of pool maintenance Glendale AZ, this company do their work as fast as possible. This service will allow you to swim again in no time.


  1. Vacation Maintenance

Need someone to take care of your pool while being on vacation? No worries as Pelican Bay Pools can come to your house and do some maintenance on the pool. When you are home, you will see how your pool stays crystal clean. Of course you can only enjoy this service after both of you have arranged the schedule.


  1. Equipment Maintenance & Repairs

Besides cleaning, the pool maintenance Glendale AZ company also has the skill in equipment maintenance or repair. If there are some tools in your pool break, they can fix it for you. The equipment they can fix are like plumbing leaks or clogs, acid washes, tile cleaning, gas or electric heaters, and many others. They also have equipment from certain manufacturers if you do require it. However, the preferred manufacturers available in this company are only Jandy, Raypak, Pentair, and Hayward.


  1. Pool Equipment Upgrades and Installation

Here is another amazing part from this pool service company. They also have license to do upgrades and install advanced technology to you pool. This service will enhance the performance of the swimming pool. For example, you will be able to control pool heater via smartphone instead out going outside and switch the on/off button manually. The available equipment here are LED 5G lighting, cleaners, pool and landscape automation, etc.


Based on these services, we cannot agree more how helpful Pelican Bay Pools can be for every homeowner. Not only they have all kinds of offers, their performance as a server of pool maintenance Glendale AZ is top quality, indeed. Therefore, they are the best recommendation in term of pool service.