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All about the Bed Bugs

One morning you wake up and find you have a rash on your arms or legs is one sure sign you have Bedbugs. They normally come out a night for a feast on your body parts.  Their little bite leaves what looks like a rash, but is a bunch of bites where they have bitten you many times.

You may also notice that you feel like something is crawling on you. In fact, they are crawling all over your body. Mostly you’ll climb into bed and start feeling like there is something in bed with you besides your other half. The Bedbug hide in the mattress, pillows, under the sheets and elsewhere in your bed. You might even see little spots of blood or notice brown “leavings” in certain areas. You might also notice a strange odor or a buggy smell. That usually occurs if you have a heavy infestation of a bedbug.

Since bedbug are only less than a quarter inch long all you see of them is the extra skin they shed as they grow.   The bedbug themselves are reddish-brown, flat, and wingless. Lucky for you; however, they are looking for blood, and you might notice red raised welts on your face, neck, hands, arms, and legs. They usual bite in a row of two or three bites at bedtime – they may or may not itch right away. Some people only notice the welt looking rash while another itch for several days.

Of course, having nasty bugs can leave you feeling embarrassed, nervous, and sleepless, not the mention agitated and anxious about going to bed at night. Normally, bed bugs go for uncovered parts of the body, but they will and do climb in your clothes. That, of course, is how they spread to others. They jump off you and onto someone else that looks and smells tasty to them.

The Bug go for people who produce more carbon dioxide than other people.  What that means to bedbugs is not known, but they are a little picky on the people they bite. So, for those who produce little carbon dioxide you don’t have to worry as much as others who do. It doesn’t mean you won’t get bitten; it just means if another person who has richer blood is around they will get bitten first.  You’ll have to wait your turn.

Of course, once you have Bedbug, it’s very hard to get rid of them. The female produces anywhere between 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime, which only last, at the most, one year. The female lays her eggs in crack and crevices in a mattress or a rough surface.  They are usually in a cluster and look like one grain of rice. You have to be close to them even to notice them. The female uses a sticky substance, which is like cement glue that sticks them to the surface where she lays them.

The best way to get rid of existing bugs is to call a professional. They have other, heavy duty insecticides that will kill the eggs as well as the adult bugs.  They come out and spray and then come out a couple a days later to spray again after the eggs hatch. Otherwise, you’ll be re-infested with Bed Bugs again.

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