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Giving a New Life to Your Bathroom


A bathroom can certainly add more than the basic convenience of a home. With the right design, your bathroom will be able to give your home something different. The role of a bathroom has improved since the addition of bathroom vanities and sinks in their design. This can transform any bathroom into something that reflects one’s personality and design preferences.

– The first thing to take into consideration with any design is the space to work on. It is imperative to give you an idea of what would fit and what will not. This will eliminate the possibility of having a vanity that is too small or too big for your bathroom. The space in your bathroom is very important because you would need every inch possible to move around. If in case you have a small vanity then you have more space but the design might not look so nice. Having the right size for your bathroom is very important to be able to achieve the best out of your design.

– The material and color of the vanity can also be very important. A bathroom vanity made of wood can give your bathroom a classic traditional look while a marble vanity will give it elegance. Having good contrasting shades on the fixtures and handles will give it a more distinctive look inside your bathroom.

– The storage area for your towels and other items is very important. If you have plenty of items to hide and store then having a vanity with multiple shelves or drawers should be a concern. The type of fixtures you have on the sink will also add to the look of your vanity. This can either be very classic or modern design depending on the overall look of your bathroom.

– You can also add a few mirrors to your bathroom vanity set. This will be able to reflect the light inside your bathroom thereby creating a very good way to highlight the other bathroom accessories inside, like a white porcelain bathtub. You can also install small lighting fixtures on top of your vanity or mirror to add a more elegant and futuristic look to it.

– Bathroom vanities have not only become a necessity at home, but also in restaurants, hotels, public restrooms and many other places. If you are looking for a vanity for your business, get a small 24” bathroom cabinet made of durable materials like solid oak wood. These vanities can be used for variety of purpose like sanitizing, washing face, washing hands and others.

– A vanity with mirrors surely has a larger advantage, which helps you to comb your hair and groom yourself. Besides being extremely functional, a vanity set with a mirror looks very elegant and add life to your bathroom.

With every bathroom design today, bathroom vanities can play a vital role in improving functionality and giving beauty to a bathroom. This can give an old bathroom a new life when the proper bathroom vanity is added. If you are looking for a perfect vanity, just look out at a home improvement and bathroom vanities showroom, shops as well as various stores. It is true that adding bathroom vanities can give a complete new look to your bathroom.

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What Materials should You Choose for Your Shower Enclosure? An Essential Guide

Nowadays, you can choose from a wide array of materials when it comes to shower enclosures. But with the broad selection available, it can become a bit more difficult to choose. Which material is best for the doors? How about the shower tray and other essentials? You have to choose materials based not only on their durability, strength, functionality, and practicality, but also on their overall aesthetics and the way they would fit in with the existing design and theme of your bathroom. Here, then, is your essential guide to the materials you should choose for your bathroom’s shower enclosure.

The glass

What Materials should You Choose for Your Shower EnclosureAll shower enclosures are comprised partly or mainly of glass. Now you just have to select the best glass for your needs. If you want to make a good choice, it would be a wise idea to opt for tempered safety glass. Whilst tempered glass may be a little more expensive than ordinary glass, it is a better option because it is safer for use. Even with the hardest impact, the glass will not break – instead, it will just shatter into tiny pieces without cracking, much like a shower of small pebbles or stones rather than dangerous shards. And, when choosing the glass, you should also choose panels that are more than 5 millimetres thick. The glass panels should also have protection at the edges to avoid damage or chipping.

It might also be wise to consider glass that is easy to clean, with a special coating. This type of easy maintenance glass is especially useful for hard water areas. If your area has hard water, you could definitely benefit from easy maintenance glass which reduces the buildup of limescale.

The frame

Shower enclosures consist not only of glass panels, but frames as well. In this regard, aluminium frames are the best. Aluminium frames are perfect for shower enclosures because they are lightweight but also sturdy and durable. Be mindful, though: some companies and manufacturers would use only plastic with a coating or finish of chrome or aluminium. Actually, if the price of the frame seems too cheap, it probably is. The thickness of the frame matters as well. That being said, choose an aluminium frame that is more than 1 millimetre thick.

The shower tray

The shower tray of your shower enclosure, whether you choose walk in showers or traditional showers, counts for a lot as well. When selecting the shower tray, some materials to choose from would be stone resin or acrylic. Both have certain good qualities, so it’s really up to you which one to go for.

One additional tip: when looking at a selection of shower trays, often, the price says a lot about the product. Of course, whilst you’re concerned about not going over your budget, it would still be better to go for quality.

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