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Wood Looking Tile vs Hardwood


This article was written by Bryan Sebring of Sebring Services. They provide basement, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling services in Naperville, Illinois.

Hardwood flooring is one of the biggest home flooring trends in recent years. It looks good, has a homely warmth and is quite durable. But it also has its downsides. For one, it could be easily damaged by water and other liquids, especially if they seep inside the wood. It is also susceptible to damage from termites. To keep it in good shape, regular maintenance is necessary.

If you want the wood-look in your home without the disadvantages of solid hardwood flooring, a great alternative is wood looking tile. You may be thinking that this is tile that almost resembles wood; the truth is that it completely resembles wood. Advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to give tiles the resemblance of other materials including wood. And it is not just about the look, even the texture itself feels like wood. If you were to be presented with a tile and wood floor side by side, chances are that you would not be able to see the difference immediately.

For homeowners who really want the look, style, and warmth of wooden flooring for their bathroom remodel, but do not want to deal with the hustles of actual wood, wood-resembling tile is a great choice. It costs less and is often easier to install. In the event of damage, you do not have to rip up a big portion of the flooring; you simply remove the affected tiles and replace them. Over time, even the maintenance cost of tiles is much lower than that of wood flooring.

Aside from personal preferences, there are certain situations that necessitate the use of faux wood tiles rather than actual solid wood. For instance, environments with extraordinarily high traffic and high levels of moisture might do better with wood-looking tile that will last longer and perform better under such conditions. In our article on faux wood tiles, we look at other situations where tile would be more preferable than hardwood.

One other thing people often do not consider when using hardwood flooring is the environmental impact. How can using faux wood tile flooring help boost environmental conservation?

Choosing wood-looking tile over real wood will not deprive you of a wide variety of options to choose from. Whatever color, pattern or style you are looking for, you are likely to get it. Essentially, they are as versatile as the wide range of hardwood flooring you can get. You get the beauty and variety of wood with all the benefits of tile. You can read the rest of this article at: Tile That Looks Like Wood vs Hardwood Flooring.

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