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2016 Interior Design Trends

2016 Interior Design Trends

Mixing Modern with Tradition

Many have ditched the minimalistic modern approach with interior decorating and are opting for the more eclectic look by mixing their favourite modern pieces with their favourite antiques. This creates a more unique and personal touch within your home. Finding vintage pieces from different countries also portrays a look that’s more worldly.

Retro Tech

Tech companies are going back some decades and redesigning their based on their heritage. Reaching back to their original pieces, these brands are creating up to date technology that gives the owner that feeling of nostalgia while not having to compromise the day to day technology we all depend on.

The Samsung Serif TV is a brand new example of this. French designers created this television to be a part of the furniture, giving consumers the option to choose a TV based on aesthetics rather than technology focussed innovations.

Statement Bathroom Mirrors

This trend is perfect for those who find it scary to commit to a bold wall papered bathroom, instead try for a bold statement mirror. It’s fun, effective and easily changeable. Mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom so why not make the most of them. Bold metallic borders, brightly coloured frames and unique shapes are a couple ways to make your bathroom more exciting. Even pairing different shaped mirrors together for the more confident decorators.

Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

With Samsung and LG leading the kitchen trends, they introduce their new black stainless steel ranges. Sleek enough to ensure you feel like you have the latest technology but also can fit in well to a more traditional kitchen. This trend is another way to mix your modern with your traditional as these stainless steel favourites can fit in to any kitchen. Swapping a darker appliance from the usual white or silver adds more warmth to the kitchen.

This post was written by Chloe Cleaver a writer for property developer Tim Manning

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