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Category: Landscaping

The Types of Service a Landscaping Contractor in Sammamish Can Provide to You

 Service a Landscaping Contractor in Sammamish

A landscaping project will yield a great result if a professional landscaper handles it excellently. If you are working on the landscaping of some outdoor spaces around your house, you definitely need to hire a landscaper. Some of the best Sammamish landscaping companies are ready to provide you with assistance whenever you need one. You only need to know what they will do after you hire them. Here are some possible services that a landscaping company in Sammamish can provide to you should you decide to hire one.

Project Consultation and Planning

This is possibly the thing that every landscaping company deems necessary when you hire it. Before providing any other specific services, a landscaping company will schedule a discussion session with you. In this session, everything that you expect from the project will be explored so that when the project is planned and executed, you will be happy with its result. For example, you may want to grow certain plants in your front lawn. If the company can realize your wish, it will be included in the planning. If the company thinks that the plants are not suitable for your lawn, it will discuss about any possible alternatives with you.

Landscape Design and Installation

The core service that all Sammamish landscaping companies offer is obviously landscape design and installation service. Different companies, however, may provide this service in different ways. Some companies may allow you to buy your own trees and bushes whereas other companies may require you to use trees and bushes that they have included in their package. Talk with the company about this service so that you can get clear information about how the service is provided.

Water Feature Design and Installation

Some landscaping companies in Sammamish specialize in designing and installing several types of water feature. If you want to decorate your lawn with fountains, ponds, artistic irrigation, or any other water-based decorative elements, you definitely need to hire a company that offers this service.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

A landscaped outdoor space should look and feel great not only during the day. It must also radiate its warm and elegant atmosphere at night. Outdoor lighting is an indispensable element of an outdoor landscape. When you hire a landscaping company, be sure that outdoor lighting installation is one of the features of its service.

Synthetic Turf Design and Installation

Synthetic turf becomes increasingly popular nowadays. Many homeowners prefer to use artificial turf instead of natural grass due to the former’s strength and durability, zero maintenance need, and awesome look. If you wish to include synthetic turf installation in your landscaping project, be sure that you hire a landscaper who can handle synthetic turf design and installation excellently.

Wall Installation and Hardscaping

You may want to have retention wall constructed around your outdoor space to improve the level of privacy, safety and security around that space. You may also want to install pavers on walkways and driveways. If all of those landscaping elements are deemed essential, you need to hire a landscaper who specializes in wall installation and hardscaping.

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