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How to Diagnose the Plumbing Problems in Toilet

 How to Diagnose the Plumbing Problems in Toilet

Some problems may occur in the toilets and the toilet tank problem is the most commonly occurred, including the flapper, flush valve, and the handle assembly. Such problems could happen for the seal within the flange and toilet base. Some leak can also occur on the water supply hose and flush valve connections. When the problems happen, you can call emergency plumbers Bristol or diagnose the plumbing problems by yourself. When you can find it, you can fix it in some minutes.

–               First, dry the toilet base area where you think the water is seeping. Place some paper towel on the toilet base and then check the condition after two hours. The wax ring may need to be replaced if you find wet spots on the towel after the two hours.

–               If you find some leak, wipe the condensation off if you see it on the tank’s bottom. Dry the area by using paper towel and then see the supply hose and fittings from the floor level. If the leak comes from the bottom, the damage may occur for the worn out supply hose. But if the leak is from the tank’s bottom, then the flush valve should be replaced.

–               Watch the flush valve and flapper by firstly removing the lid of the toilet tank. You should replace the flapper if you see that it doesn’t make perfect seal with the bottom hole of the tank. Whilst you should replace the flush valve if the float sticks perfectly and water trickles are heard inside the tank.

–               Make sure that the flapper sets to the bottom hole of the tank well by checking the chain length. Too long chain also could tangled and make the flapper can’t drop down in sufficient distance.

Checking your plumbing system and diagnosing the problems may seem simple but it could make you spend much money when you are false in diagnose. So it might be much better to hire one of plumbers in Bristol that are professional and know best what to do with your toilet plumbing problems.

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