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Category: Real Estate

Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

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Do you want your home to be worth a little more? Are you considering listing it for sale, and wish to get the best possible price? There are several tips and tricks you can use to increase your home’s value, without spending a lot of home. Here are some cost-effective strategies that will boost your home’s potential value.

  1. Improve the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important areas to focus, because an outdated bathroom is going to turn people away quickly. If your budget is tight, consider painting outdated cabinetry or countertops, upgrading hardware and upgrading lighting. Painting the walls a neutral, modern color can help as well, and then consider adding decorative elements, like a shower curtain, to increase appeal.

  1. Improve the Landscaping

Pull weeds, plant flowers and make your landscaping look great. People who drive by a home and see that the yard is unkempt are going to assume that the rest of the house is as well. Keep everything tidy in the yard, and consider planting some flowers to add color to the space. If you don’t have the time or energy for a garden, add potted plants to draw attention and provide color for the space.

  1. Add Lighting

Lighting is fairly inexpensive, if you shop carefully, and adding light to dark areas of your home can help it seem larger and more inviting. The brighter a room is, the larger it will feel! You can install a sun tube in the ceiling in dark areas, like the hallway, to let some natural light into the space as well.

  1. Go Green

Today’s homebuyers want to see energy efficient changes to your home. Potential buyers are going to like the idea of lower energy bills. Small changes, like programmable thermostats or energy-efficient lighting, can mean a big difference on the potential value of your home. If you plan to stay in your home for a few years, you can invest a little more in energy efficient improvements, because you will see the benefit of lower energy bills while you still own the home to help offset the cost.

  1. Spruce up the Kitchen

The kitchen is the second most important room to spend time in as you are fixing up your home. Kitchen remodels are not budget-friendly, but small changes can make a big difference in how well the kitchen shows when the house is on the market. Painting or refinishing kitchen cabinets can make the kitchen look more modern, without the cost of a full renovation.

Improve your home’s value does not have to cost a fortune. Pay attention to these small areas, and you will see big improvement in the overall appeal of your home.

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