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Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate sump pump Review

The leading name in sump pumps the Zoeller brand is the most recommended sump pump by professional plumbers and basement waterproofers.  Being the least expensive of the Zoeller sump pumps the M53, valued in the low $100’s, seem like the ideal sump pump for a high price.  The Zoeller name being so trusted you’d think the M53 would be flawless. You’d be wrong.


Built Tough?

The most frequent complaint of failure with Zoeller M53 is due to the float switch malfunctioning after a couple of years.  There are reports of people calling into customer service and being told that the switch should be changed every year.  Say what?!  27% of the reviews on Amazon, as of this writing, are three stars or less.  The complaints of most of these individuals are regarding the float switch.  That’s a bit more than 1 in 4.  This is the reason why I do not recommend the M53 and gave it a lower score than that found on Amazon.  I don’t think anyone should gamble with being the 1 in 4 who has a float switch problem and suddenly discovers their basement destroyed. This potential issue is just too severe if you were to be one of the unlucky ones, to not warn about.



The 1/3 HP motor is perfectly fine for a sump pit that doesn’t have a constant flow of water year round.  The engine is the same as the one in the M57 model which has no issues.  It does its job.

Features & Specs

  • 1/3 HP motor
  • 43GPM at 5ft, 34 at 10ft, 15 at 9ft (shut off at 19.25ft)
  • Width 10-3/32″ Height 10-1/16″
  • Automatic with float activated switch
  • No screens to clog
  • 9ft Cord

For more usefull information about sump pumps in general, we suggest you to watch this video from SumppumpAdvisor.

What are others saying?

Consumers on Amazon have given the Zoeller M53 a  rating.  That being said, a fair number of people have had problems with the switch failing on them after a few years.   Some of the comments to date:

  • “If I had it to do again, I’d get M57s, even though the M53 is a fine pump.”
  • “A coworker who I recommended the pump to also had a switch fail after two years. The pump itself good, but the switch is junk.”
  • “The M53 pump runs strong and on demand. It is quiet while still being powerful. The only downside to this pump would be I had to change the switch float to a more “lenient” float setup. Otherwise, my pump would run much more than really necessary. Otherwise, the 1/3HP M53 has been a winner in my book.”
  • “I just replaced my 20-year-old Mighty-Mate with an identical model. The original Mighty-Mate was already installed in our house back in ’93 when the house was built. The float switch finally gave out after 20 years of service.”
  • “My M53 also experienced a switch failure to the “on” position after having it in use for approx. 2 1/2 yrs.”

Zoeller M53 lousy float switch Can’t Let You Do That

When you look on Amazon, you will find more good reviews than bad.  I am pointing out the bad because I have researched the web on this model and the float switch being stuck after a few years is not an isolated issue.  I don’t want anyone to have the effect these gentlemen had: “While on vacation in Florida the switch on the pump failed and my basement was flooded with water causing $16,000 in damage (most of which was covered by insurance). However, we had to throw away a lot of non-insurable stuff, e.g., pictures, records, etc. that the insurance did not cover.” No thank you! While many are happy with the Zoeller M53, you’re better off getting the Zoeller M57 or the Liberty 257 (which is in the same price range and composed entirely of cast-iron).  These have a better track record for 1/3HP sump pumps

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